Thrive provision at Central Primary


In Thrive we ask the question…

What does it take to develop healthy, happy children who are ready and open to learning?

We use the Thrive approach to work in a targeted way with the children who may be struggling socially, emotionally or with difficult life events. Our experienced Thrive team support the children to re-engage with learning and life.

The provision we have at Central Primary offers a safe, secure, calm and supportive environment for the children who need time to regulate their emotions to allow them to return to the classroom.

We are able to engage the children through targeted interventions which involves arts and play based activities. These include sand play, arts and crafts, beach school, story telling, music, drama, dance and painting. All of these have benefits and strengths and the use of creativity integrated into their day will support the children’s social and emotional development.

Thrive does not just apply to the provision we have, we are using it as a whole school approach. This ensures that the children receive consistent, positive messages on coping and dealing with their strong emotions from every member of staff.   

‘It changes perception of behaviour in children and truly makes it a whole school approach in which all staff can see they have a role to play’

About Us


Arts and Creativity

 Thrive uses arts and play-based activities with children to support healthy neural development, promote a positive sense of self and build optimal learning capacity. There are many artistic mediums that you can work with in the Thrive Approach, sand play, puppetry, story telling, music, drama, movement and dance, painting and drawing, each of which has particular benefits and strengths. The Thrive Approach integrates arts and creativity to support children’s emotional and social development.


Enjoying and Exploring

 Thrive activities we have enjoyed have included some amazing trips to the beach and St Mary’s lighthouse. The children learn to develop their resilience and perseverance skills through teamwork and working independently.

Through working closely with the Thrive team, using the arts, the children learn the skills they need to regulate their emotions so they can engage in the class