Equality Objectives

What they are

How we are meeting them

Why we chose them

To reduce the incidence of prejudice related bullying in relation to the protected characteristics listed in the Equality Act 2010

Why we chose them

How we are meeting them

Why we chose them

Our behaviour trackers showed there had been some incidents of pupils using homophobic and racist remarks towards each other

How we are meeting them

How we are meeting them

How we are meeting them

- New behaviour policy introduced

- New behaviour tracking system allows for closer monitoring of behaviour and allows staff to categorize the type of behaviour displayed

- New recording system records all incidents involving a protected characteristic to be logged on the same form, so allowing patterns to be seen more easily

- Assemblies held to celebrate diversity and difference

How we are meeting them

To promote cultural development and understanding through a rich range of experiences both in and beyond school

Central Primary is situated in a predominately white, former mining town in North Northumberland. Opportunities to mix with members of other cultures to develop a greater understanding of their culture and traditions is limited  

-Review of assembly rota and RE & PSHE curriculum to ensure all religions and protected characteristics are covered

- Increase the amount of diversity of visitors to assemblies

- Establish links with places of worship for different religions with a view to visiting them

- Have themed weeks to investigate different religions and their festivals

To increase the extent to which all pupils and members of staff, including in particular those with protected characteristics as defined by the Equality Act, feel valued and confident, and in consequence more likely to achieve their targets

Some pupils experience anxiety to a greater or lesser degree. We want every pupil and member of staff to feel confident and valued

- Audit the quality of provision & coverage of the PHSE curriculum to ensure its broad and balanced to develop understanding of all the schools core values and the protected characteristics

- Audit the content of the assembly rota to ensure it is fully inclusive

To narrow the attendance gap between low income pupils and non-low income pupils so they they all attend in line with the school's target of 96.7%

Raise On-line showed that there was a disparity between the attendance of those pupils eligible for the Pupil Premium grant and those that were not

- Employing an attendance officer to monitor attendance on a weekly basis to track attendance levels

- Working closely with the EWO

- Regular contact with parents whose children's attendance falls below 90% (PA status)

To increase staff's understanding of equality and its implications on a day to day basis, and in this way to reduce or remove inequalities in attainment throughout the school, particularly inequalities relating to the protected characteristics listed in the Equality Act

While all staff are very keen to dispel prejudices and inequality, some felt they did not have access to the correct tools to approach this subject confidently and effectively

- We are one of ten school's nationally who are working with Mermaids. A DFE led project around the protected characteristics

- Check all policies are fully inclusive