What is character education?

  Character education can be broadly described as an approach to developing a set of values, attitudes, skills and behaviours that are thought to support young people’s development and contribute to their success in school and in adult life.


Why is character education important?


Extensive research completed over many years and in many countries, has shown that learning social and emotional skills and developing certain behaviours and attitudes can have a positive impact on pupil attainment. Emotions can support or impede pupils’ learning, their academic engagement, work ethic, commitment and ultimate school success.

A number of specific social and emotional skills have positive effects on academic achievement:

  • Pupils who are confident      about their learning and who have a ‘growth mind-set’ (they believe their      most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work)      persist when faced with challenges. 
  • Pupils who can set goals,      manage stress and organise their school work achieve higher grades.
  • Pupils who use      problem-solving skills to overcome obstacles do better academically. 
  • Social and emotional      competencies have been found to be a more significant determinant of      academic attainment than IQ.


The Ashington Learning Partnership Character Traits and Core Values.

We believe that Character Education within the ALP is driven through the foundations of our Core Values, Guiding Principles and Skills for Life. 

Every aspect of school life and our curriculum offer opportunities to develop character.  

Teaching Character across Ashington Learning Partnership

  Character education is in the heart and soul of everything we do across the ALP. We strongly believe in growing the individual child alongside delivering an exciting, motivating and engaging curriculum. We understand that what we teach children in school and what parents do at home helps shape the character of our children and their future.  Character is something that forms and takes shape over a lifetime, formed by the many opportunities, experiences, decisions and interactions that happen every day.

The ALP ‘Character Traits and Core Values’ drive everything we do and are central to the whole school curriculum. Taking a child-centred approach, the constructing of our ‘bespoke’ curriculum used an integrated approach between staff and pupils working together to formulate the learning journey that broadens horizons, celebrates our local area and involves parents and the community with school learning.  

Our curriculum provides purposeful learning opportunities where pupils draw upon and develop key ‘skills for life’ and characteristics, through an immersive approach. Across the trust, we want to create a culture both in and out of school where children are given every opportunity to rehearse and strengthen their sense of themselves.

As a trust of schools, we understand that ‘characteristics’ are equally as important as reading, writing and maths….characteristics such as curiosity, self-control, teamwork, independence, concentration, resilience etc. are life skills needed for our pupils to be the best they can be and are the solid foundations needed for success at school and in adult life.


Character education mapping-curriculum & pastoral provision

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