Attendance – Why it matters...

We believe that ALL our pupils should be given the best chance to do well in life. We know that coming to school on time, every day, is important if your child is to get the best start. There is a clear link between good attendance and good results, and we want to work together with you to achieve this by:

- Encouraging all pupils to arrive on time, ready to learn

- Talking to each other if there is a problem causing your child to miss school

- Recognising and rewarding good attendance

- Encouraging you to play a vital role in supporting our school and helping your child to succeed

- Working with school to achieve our attendance target

- Our School target for attendance this year is 96%

What our school expects from parents and carers

The Law says that your child has to have full time education between the ages of 5 and 16, and that you as the parent/carer are responsible for making sure they receive this. We expect this to start as soon as any child joins our school family and expect that parent/carers will help us by starting good attendance habits early

- To contact the office on the first day and any subsequent days of absence if your child is not coming to school

- To tell us if there is any problem that is stopping your child from coming to school

- To make appointments for the dentist, doctors etc. out of school time whenever possible and to provide medical evidence when it is unavoidable

- To only keep your child off school if absolutely necessary. A trip to the hairdresser, shopping or a day off for their birthday is neither acceptable or allowed

- Any leave of absence from school must be requested in advance using the correct paperwork

What school will provide….

A good education, which is dependent upon regular attendance at school

- Regular information about how your child is progressing in school and prompt action to any problem you tell us about

- Contact from school if any absence is unexplained

- Encouragement for your child to attend regularly and on time

- Regular praise and rewards for improvements in attendance

- Encouragement and celebration of good attendance

- Notification to parent/carers over concerns regarding attendance through a tiered letter system.

Holidays in term time

Children between the ages of 5 and 16 are not legally entitled to holidays in term time. We would ask that you consider the impact of your child missing time from school, even at a young age. It can prove difficult to settle a child after any absence, particularly a holiday. They will have missed valuable learning and may find difficulty making friends again after a long absence.

If you intend to take your child on holiday in term time please ensure that you completed a leave of absence in term time request form explaining why you are doing so. These are available from the school office

The Executive principal/ Head of School can only authorise a holiday under exceptional circumstances, there is no automatic right to take leave.

Any parent taking a child out of school without authorisation is liable to receive a fixed Penalty Notice fine of £60.00 (per parent/carer per child ) payable within 21 days. If unpaid the fine increases to £120